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Buy Menstrual Cups - Snap Into It!

by Lisa Menstrual Cups (2016-09-30)

Buy Menstrual Cups. The next revolution in menstrual care is upon us and as always we are at the forefront in bringing you the latest and greatest in menstrual care. Snap Into It! Your very own Glam menstrual cup in a box is here, buy it Today! Introducing our cup review:

Where to buy online? Snap into it, Shop for your favorite brand of menstrual cup without ever going to the store. We recommend Luna Cups for customers who are looking for buying Satisfaction and easy USA, UK, Canada, worldwide shipping options.

Bought online in June from after researching and comparing cups. Wonderful customer service! Incredible product. I was excited to try it. I've been using this Menstrual cup for about a year now and here are a few things I've notice/ tweeked.

First of all, if you're grossed out about the idea of a bloody cup, get over it. If you wear tampons, you are literally pulling out a wad of blood out of your hoo-ha. Pulling out a cup of blood is no different except instead of having to wrap up the tampon with toilet paper, You're dumping it out in the toilet.

Don't expect to be able to put the cup in perfectly the first time, or the second time, or even during the first cycle at all. In fact it took me a solid 3 cycle to finally figure out the configuration for it to seal properly and not being able to feel it. Practice, Practice , Practice and above all - don't give up on yourself. It's frustrating and annoying but once you get it down it is the greatest invention! And being 27, I wished I had heard of these things earlier!!
I was a tampon user prior to the menstrual cup and I don't know if this has to do with the product or not but I used to get menstrual cramps to used to put me in the hospital they where so painful. They felt like contractions - that is the closest thing I can equate to the pain. After using the cup, my cramps have disappeared. No more pain, no more curling in the fetal position in the bathroom because it hurts too much to stand up.
• I cut the Stem off.
The thing about using menstrual cups is you come to learn a lot about your body; more specifically you learn where your cervix usually sits during your menstrual cycle). I found out mine sits pretty low to the point where if i wore with the stem, I could feel it.
•I turned my cup inside out
After my 2nd cycle of wondering why the heck my cup kept slipping down I decided to flip my cup inside out. This did the trick, since inside out it's a just a tiny bit shorter/smaller. No more slipping, no more awkward races to the bathroom to push the cup back into place.

• Leave it and forget (Up to 12 hours)
No one knows I'm on my period at work anymore. It's awesome. I"ve been approached a few times with women wondering if I'm pregnant because I never have to make a trip to the bathroom with the ol' conceal and carry tampon trick. No more having to wrap up tampon packages. No more having to wrap up bloody tampons either.