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Lisa Menstrual Cups

Affiliation Menstrual (period) cups are not for the fainthearted women. Simply insert the bell-shaped silicone period cup directly into your vagina on your period days and leave it there for up to 10 hours. When the time arises to remove the cup, you simply pour the blood out, wash the period cup, and then put it back into your vagina.
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I've been a diva menstrual cup user for nearly 5 years despite not being fully satisfied with the product, but wasn't able to find a good alternative until I found the Luna menstrual cup for my period. It is such a vast improvement from Diva cups and it will definitely be the menstrual cup I use from now on. It is a more comfortable fit that is easy to insert and remove. I bought both sizes and use the smaller one for my light flow days and the larger for heavier days. I can wear the larger one all day with no leaks, which was not the case with diva. The pretty pink color is also a nice touch, since one of he things I disliked most about diva is that overtime the clear cup became dingy looking despite regular boiling whereas lena has showed no signs of change in color. The luna cup's feminine and attractive design makes using it far more pleasant than the diva. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to purchase and wanting to try menstrual cups for the first time or for a period cup user looking for something new.

My verdict: Luna period cups work as advertised and this is the BEST menstrual cup for me, The Product arrived quickly, clear instructions. I've never used this menstrual cup brand before before and wasn't sure what to expect but was able to understand the instructions without problems. It was a bit of a learning curve but I still like the cup concept.