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Communication Center Journal, Volume 1

Theodore F. Sheckels



“The Value of Research on Communication Centers: Ideas for Future Directions” – Kathleen J. Turner – page 3
“Using a Mixed-Methodological Approach to Assess the Communication Lab: Gaining Insights and Making Improvements” – Lindsey B. Anderson, Lauren Berkshire Hearit, Melanie Morgan, & Jane Natt – page 9

“Art as a Means of Exploring Public Speaking Anxiety: One Communication Center’s Expressions” – Kimberly M. Cuny – page 37
“Strategies for Assessment in Communication Centers: Perspectives from Across the Field” – Danielle Leek, Russell Carpenter, Kimberly M. Cuny, & P. Anand Rao – page 49
“Embracing Collaborative Opportunities Between Communication Centers and Departments: Examining an ePortfolio Bootcamp” – Jennifer Fairchild & Russell Carpenter– page 61

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