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Mapping the Landscape of Asynchronous and Synchronous Online Services in Communication Centers

Kristen McIntyre, Alexandria Hall


In response to the growing presence of online learning in higher education, this project explored communication centers’ online synchronous (real time) and asynchronous (submit and respond) advertised services. Using the National Association of Communication Center’s directory, only 21 (20%) of the viable websites mentioned online services. The 21 websites were coded for types of online mediated services offered, the platforms used for services (e.g. Skype, WebX, virtual whiteboard), as well as the types of consulting services provided (e.g. outline feedback, presentation rehearsals, mock interviews). While 11 (52%) of the websites offered some form of synchronous conferencing service and 5 (23%) offered both synchronous and asynchronous services, this research reveals the need for more communication centers to consider and seriously investigate the logistics of offering online services in order to best meet the growing, diverse needs of both online and brick-and-mortar learners.   




Communication Center; Online Conferencing; Synchronous; Asynchronous

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