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Using LibGuides to Deliver Communication-based Resources: A Behind the Scenes Partnership between a Writing and Communication Center and a University Library

Kevin Dvorak


In January 2018, [Institution] opened the [INSTITUTION] Writing and Communication Center (WCC), an innovative academic work environment that offers writing and communication assistance to all 20,000-plus [Institution] students. A key component of the WCC is its online writing and communication resources. These resources are made available to all [INSTITUTION] students and faculty through a collaboration between the WCC and the university’s main library, the [MAIN LIBRARY]. While the WCC is ultimately responsible for developing and publishing its own web content, the library provides its LibGuides platform as a host for the WCC’s resources—and [MAIN LIBRARY] librarians help maintain, assess, and contribute to these resources. This article examines the LibGuide-based collaborative relationship between the center and the library, discussing how and why it formed, how it operates, and how it conducts assessment.


communication center; libraries; libguides;

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