The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Making Diversity Tangible: Assessing the Role of Service-Learning in Teaching Diversity

Lauren N. Duffy, Rasul A. Mowatt, Mary Fuchs, Megan A. Salisbury


There is a growing need for students to be able to work within diverse environments, yet there is little evidence to suggest that they are more prepared or ethically grounded to work with diverse populations, specifically protected groups. This study examines a course that was designed to specifically to prepare student to lead in diverse work environments by examining issues of diversity and social justice. A service-learning pedagogy was used to help link critical in-class discussions and course content to the lived experiences of the protect groups by working in the community. Findings suggest that the service-learning is an important component to increasing awareness and understanding of diversity and social justice. Suggestions for improving similar courses are provided. 


diversity, social justice, service-learning

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