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Student Anxiety In Active Learning Classrooms: Apprehensions and Acceptance of Formal Learning Environments

Paul Baepler


Abstract: The number of undergraduate students who report having at least one disability has been on the rise since the 1970s.  With the advent of Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs), understanding how these students experience ALCs is critical to creating a fair and equitable experience for all students.  This report examines one subset of this population: students with some form of diagnosed Anxiety Disorder.  Although over a quarter of U.S. undergraduates report a diagnosis of some kind of Anxiety Disorder, this study focused on those who sought disability accommodations in their ALC classes.  Using structured interviews, this paper identifies 11 elements of the classroom and learning experience that affect such students in these spaces.  The paper concludes with recommendations instructors can take to improve the learning experience for students with anxiety and anxiety disorders. 

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