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Marshalsey, Lorraine, Griffith University (Australia)
Maurice-Takerei, Lisa
McArthur, John A., Queens University of Charlotte (United States)
McCall, Contina P., Auburn University (United States)
McCorkle, Sarah, Texas A&M University
McDavid, Lindley, Purdue University (United States)
McDonald, Scott P., The Pennsylvania State University (United States)
McDonald, Scott P, The Pennsylvania State University (United States)
McLane, Yelena, The Florida State University (United States)
Meaney, Karen, Texas State University (United States)
Meaney, Karen S, Texas State University (United States)
Melo, Marijel, UNC Chapel Hill (United States)
Mestre, Lori, University of Illinois
Milo-Shussman, Yael, Technion- Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning, Haifa, Israel (Israel)
Mitchell, Michelle K, SUNY Morrisville
Mitchell, Paul (United Kingdom)
Morieson, Lucy, RMIT University (Australia)
Morris, Janine, Nova Southeastern University (United States)
Morrone, Anastasia, Indiana University (United States)
Mulrooney, Hilda Mary, Kingston University London (United Kingdom)
Murniati, Cecilia
Murray, Gabrielle, RMIT University (Australia)
Mvududu, Nyaradzo, Seattle Pacific University (United States)

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