Global Journal of Peace Research and Praxis

Conflict Transformation: Canadian Democracy and Aboriginal Relations

Laura Elizabeth Reimer


This paper situates Canadian politics and Aboriginal issue in the literature of peace and conflict studies. The work presents Aboriginal identity, its dismantling in Canada, and the evidence of conflict transformation. The conflict is explained and established as an identity conflict, which does not seem to be noted as such in the literature; and then provides evidence that the conflict is in the emergent stages of constructive transformation. Opening with an introduction to Aboriginal people in Canada, the paper reviews the relevant elements of identity conflict within the context of Canadian democracy. Then the structural relationship between the government of Canada and Aboriginal people is explained and related to the conflict. The paper concludes with discussion of the evidence of a transforming identity conflict, and cautious hope thatthis long-standing conflict is evidencing unmistakable signs of positive transformation.


conflict; conflict transformation; Aboriginal; identity conflict; structural conflict; Apology; Canadian government; Canadian politics; Aboriginal issues

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