Global Journal of Peace Research and Praxis

Practicing Disobedience: Transformative Education for Citizenship

Hannah Rose Mendoza, Thomas Matyok


Dismantling education destroys democracy. The systematic disassembly of higher education in the United States is a direct assault on democracy. No democracy survives without an educated citizenry. Design focuses on the projection of change into the future (Mendoza & Matyok, 2012). In this type of study, questions are more prized than answers. The focus on transformation affects the methods and products of the areas in such a way that they are ideal locations for beginning the development of a pedagogy of student disobedience (Mendoza, 2012). Education operates as a model of the socio-political that society wishes to exist. Rather than approaching education in the United States as a vehicle for the enfranchisement of an active citizenry engaged in the processes of democracy, education is instead being framed as a private asset rather than a public good (Laibman, 2003). 


Education, Citizenship, Disobedience, Learning, Democracy

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