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General Call for Manuscripts

Authors are invited to submit...

*  Research Articles reflecting diverse methodologies and theoretical perspectives.

*  Essays that contribute new knowledge, address currentissues, highlight unique perspectives, or offer critical reflection, anchored in a literature base.

*  Empirical Studies of partnership evaluations or assessments.

*  Book Reviews of new volumes in the field and of interest to our readers.

Submission Guidelines

All work submitted should be original material not under review or published elsewhere. Recommended manuscript length is 8-13 single spaced pages, excluding abstract, references, and appendices. Manuscripts should conform to APA style, 6th edition. Include a brief abstract of not more than 150 words. Author references should be removed or masked. Students and community members are encouraged to contribute as co-authors, with faculty or administrators assuming lead authorship. Where data has been collected from human subjects, notation about IRB approval must be provided somewhere in the manuscript.