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Journalistic techniques in communication centers

Erin Danielle Ellis


Communication centers offer speakers an opportunity to engage in a tutoring experience (consultation) where students work with a trained consultant who can help brainstorm, organize, and refine their oral presentation. Consultants working in communication centers are often faced with the issue of how to engage their speaker during the consultation. In this article, the author discusses how communication center consultants can employ journalistic techniques to engage students in the critical thinking process. Four techniques employed by journalists during an interview that communication center consultants can implement into their consultations are: begin with the easy questions, maintain self-control, listen and listen well, and take nothing at face value. Consultants providing students with feedback on brainstorming and organization can best implement these techniques and offer a way to critically think about a speech and allow the speaker to take on an active role in the learning environment.


communication centers; journalism; critical thinking

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