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Preparing for Change: The Development of a Multiliteracy Communication Studio

Danielle Cordaro, Gabriella Pishotti


Communication center directors and consultants are faced with the challenge of providing multimodal communication advice and assistance to clients. While such assistance is often routinely provided by centers branded as mono-modal writing or speaking centers, it is possible to rebrand as a multiliteracy center and explcitly advertise assistance with a variety of communication modes and mediums. This case study of one small, private midwestern university details the creation of a multiliteracy studio from early conception and needs assessment through construction and the first two years of operation. Decisions about space, technology, pedagogical approach to consultations and consultant training are discussed. The needs assessment methodology and specific findings may be useful to others planning to rebrand as a multiliteracy center.


Multiliteracy; Multimodality; Studio Pedagogy; Needs Assessment

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