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Using LibGuides to Deliver Communication-based Resources: A Behind the Scenes Partnership between a Writing and Communication Center and a University Library

Kevin Dvorak


In January 2018, Nova Southeastern University opened the NSU Writing and Communication Center (WCC), an innovative academic work environment that offers writing and communication assistance to all 20,000-plus NSU students. A key component of the WCC is its online writing and communication resources. These resources are made available to all NSU students and faculty through a collaboration between the WCC and the university’s main library, the Alvin Sherman Library. While the WCC is ultimately responsible for developing and publishing its own web content, the library provides its LibGuides platform as a host for the WCC’s resources—and NSU librarians help maintain, assess, and contribute to these resources. This article examines the LibGuide-based collaborative relationship between the center and the library, discussing how and why it formed, how it operates, and how it conducts assessment.


communication center; libraries; libguides

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