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Technology in the Consultation: Using Videos to Achieve Engaging Dialogue and Authentic Feedback

Corey Bussiere


This essay covers a case study of my experience working with a non-native English-speaking (NNES) student in several consultations. These consultations took place in summer 2018 at the UNCG Speaking Center. At our center, NNES students comprise roughly 30% of the consultations (Sorenson, 2017). Many times, if a NNES student comes in several times throughout a week, month, or semester, consultants struggle with providing authentic dialogue and feedback with them. Because of this, the consultant ends up going over the same strengths and areas for improvement with the student during each consultation. Thus, I argue for the use of videos in consultations with NNES students to spark this authentic dialogue and feedback and to prevent repetitiveness in this dialogue and feedback between the consultant and student.


Technology; Consultation; Videos; Dialogue; Conversation; Feedback; Non-native English speaker (NNES)

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