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Changing the Channel - From Face to Face to Digital Space: Framing the Foundations of Video Based Presentation & Meeting Channels

Rory McGloin, Amanda Coletti


Effective presentation skills never go out of style, however, the channel by which we deliver presentations has been rapidly changing over the past two decades. Technological developments have made it easier to bring audiences together in virtual spaces and as a result, more and more presentations are taking place every day through digital channels. The cornerstones of effective and engaging presentations have remained the same for hundreds of years, but digital presentation and meeting channels bring both new challenges and opportunities that need to be examined in order to ensure we as a field are applying and teaching the best practices for this new channel. While some face-to-face presentation skills and best practices carry over to the digital world, there are new and unique practices that must be considered when attempting to engage digital audiences. The primary aim of this manuscript is to provide presenters and facilitators an overview of the unique opportunities and challenges that digital channels present along with details on the best practices and approaches for engaging digital audiences in an effective manner. An examination of future challenges for training and coaching presenters within these digital channels is also discussed.


Digital presentations, video channels, best practices, production

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