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Social Media’s Integration into Communication Centers: A UNC-Greensboro Case Study

Abigail Harrison, Jenny M. Southard, Kimberly M. Cuny


The UNC-Greensboro Speaking Center (SC) acknowledges the growing impact of social media as a means of sharing information, connecting with stakeholders, and fostering a community of practice. In this study, we review the history of social media integration into our center. After securing a presence primarily on multiple platforms, we shifted our focus away from using social media solely for information dissemination to promote social connections and relationships. In our latest digital project during the summer of 2019, we launched a new social media campaign with the goal of promoting our center to incoming freshmen. Through acknowledging our progress, our center plans to continue increasing our social media presence as we believe these platforms remain prospective interpersonal resources. 


social media; communication center; speaking center; community of practice; alumni; generation z

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