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Communication Centers and Their Role in Student Empowerment: The Necessity of Antiracism in Higher Education

Mary Elizabeth Villano


The purpose of this research is to explore the connection between communication centers and their potential role in pushing higher education systems towards fully embracing and implementing antiracist values. As a sample, 12 higher education institutions in North Carolina were observed with 10 of them being predominately white institutions (PWIs), 1 being a minority-serving institution (MSI), and 1 of them being a historically Black college (HBCU). Through this research it became apparent that student empowerment is a widespread goal through these kinds of academic support centers as well as helping in academic success and for this to be achieved, all Black voices must be included. Communication centers have a unique opportunity right now to be part of important conversations regarding racism in higher education systems and be a source of empowerment and academic support for their Black students.

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