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Recommendations for Communication Centers based on Student and Tutor Reflections: Insights about Students’ Reasons for Visiting, Session Outcomes, and Characteristics of the Tutoring Approach

Bailey Benedict, Ashleigh N Shields, Maureen Wieland, Jennifer Hall


This paper explores students’ experiences with communication centers and offers recommendations for new and expanding communication centers. We combine empirical research conducted on student reflection forms with our own insight as tutors, instructors, and directors and with existing literature to offer considerations for enhancing the services offered by communication centers. We propose communication centers consider the purposes for and outcomes of students’ visits, as well as what attributes of the tutoring and tutors students appreciate. Reasons for visiting the communication center included to receive help with content and structure, delivery, and sources and visual aids. Students reported getting assistance with drafting, delivery, supporting, and debriefing their presentations. The approaches to tutoring students appreciated included guided learning, clarification of course materials, and identification of both their strengths and weaknesses. Tutor characteristics appreciated by students were their prior teaching experience, good listening skills, creativity, and demeanor.


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