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Yoga and Public Speaking Anxiety: Bringing the Mind-Body Connection to the Center

Samantha Radecki


Public speaking anxiety (PSA) is a persistent communication issue in American culture. Though public speaking is known to be essential for success (Gallo, 2015), it is one of the most feared activities among American adults, including college and university students (Chapman University, 2017). To manage this fear, university communication centers use evidence-based practices to help clients manage anxiety when giving a speech. These techniques include, but are not limited to, deep breathing exercises, muscle flexion and relaxation, as well as positive visualization techniques (Hines & Brown, 2017; Lucas, 2017). Though these approaches are effective in both theory and practice, PSA persists (Chapman University, 2017). This study examined other, non-conventional, techniques to combat PSA in undergraduate students. Specifically, the effects of yoga-inspired poses, pranayama, and guided meditation were compared to those of more traditional approaches.


Public Speaking Anxiety, Anxiety, Yoga

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