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The Centrality of the Center: Best Practices for Engaging Students on Campus

Michael G Strawser, Shawn Apostel, Russell Carpenter, Kimberly M Cuny, Kevin Dvorak, Karen Head


Communication centers exist primarily as a complementary student service (Strawser, Apostel, Carpenter, Cuny, Dvorak, & Head, 2019). As an integral campus student services, centers must place an overarching emphasis on student engagement. Student engagement, according to NSSE, is the time and effort students put into their educational activities and the institutional deployment of educational resources. Communication centers, to continue to prove their value to institutions, must continue to build programming and initiatives that are worthy of students’ time and get students to participate. To address engagement concerns, the authors of this essay offer ten best practices for building and sustaining student engagement in the communication center. The best practices are universal and transferable, meaning, any center, no matter the vision or the resources, could theoretically implement the ideas.


Communication Centers, Student Engagement, High Impact Practice

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