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Motivational Factors of Communication Center Tutors

Erin Ellis-Harrison


Student motivation has been researched from a variety of viewpoints such as that of student motivation and in the classroom, student motivation and learning, and student motivation and teacher immediacy. This study looks at the motivational factors of communication center tutors (n = 165) across the United States to determine what motivates them to continue to work at their center and how those in supervisory positions can also motivate. Tutors represented a variety of colleges and universities from midsize, and minority-serving institutions to small, private colleges. The study found that the top three motivational factors for communication center tutors are: (1) helping others; (2) resume opportunities; and (3) community. The study also found that supervisors can motivate student tutors by: (1) giving verbal praise: (2) offering food; and (3) writing notes. The data reveals that communication center tutors are motivated by a variety of factors and those in supervisorial roles can incorporate different strategies to further motivate their staff to create an advantageous work environment for all.  


Communication center, motivation, tutors

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