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Ethics, technology, and standard practice in communication centers: Proposing a continuing education credit program based on lessons learned from law, business, and healthcare

Meredith L Clements, Kristen A Foltz, Sean Sawicki


Communication centers on university campuses can benefit from an examination of the service and relationship-centered elements of the legal profession, business, and healthcare. Meaningful parallels are presented in three areas: standard practice and education, ethics, and technology. Based on its findings, this article argues centers consider adopting a continuing education credit program. A framework for the program is provided, presenting four categories related to intended outcomes: communication skills, professional development, interpersonal training, and ethics. The program is an intervention concerned with quality and may have the potential to improve a center’s training methods, the tutoring process, and the organization as a whole. 


communication; training; best practices; centers; ethics; technology; education; speaking center

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