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Transforming Communication Centers from IDEA places to IDEAL spaces

Suzy Prentiss


Communication Centers have traditionally been supportive campus places where students receive training and assistance with their communication skills. They are also often places where Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) principles are transformed into practice. This manuscript issues an invitation: that we intentionally expand those efforts further and transform our Communication Centers from IDEA places into IDEAL spaces by Leveraging the power of our students, our stories, and our collective good work.  We can further advocate for and support campus and community diversity, equity, access, and inclusion efforts by crafting spaces that intentionally celebrate belonging and embrace hidden disabilities, such as speech anxiety and neurodiversity.  This manuscript examines the literature, encourages reflection, and offers tips to enhance our good work. These efforts will strengthen our impact, outreach, and advocacy efforts while empowering students to leverage their authentic experiences and stories. 


Advocacy, Leverage, IDEA, invisible disabilities, neurodiversity

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