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The Importance of Antiracism in Speaking Center Pedagogic Materials: “Neutral” is No Longer Neutral

Yen H Nguyen


Academia has placed issues of racism at the forefront of revising institutionalized policies and practices, which has naturally bled into communication centers as well. Specifically at the University of North Carolina Greensboro’s Speaking Center, recent formation of an Antiracist Values Committee, as well as former research completed by its members, have governed antiracist efforts. As one resource to students, the University of North Carolina Greensboro’s Speaking Center offers tip sheets. These tip sheets are pamphlets that cover numerous communication-related topics from introductions to group cohesion. Because these resources are meant to be continually accessible to students and faculty, including elements of antiracism would be highly generative in these materials. However, at present, some reconfiguration of the ideologies behind their creation and language structure are required.


antiracism; Anti-racism; communication center

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