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Conceptualizing and Operationalizing a Value of Communication Scale for Use in Training and Development Applications

Rory McGloin, Emily Lorraine Hamlin, Amanda Coletti


In this two-part study, a value of communication (VOC) is conceptualized and operationalized to determine the worth an individual places on communication and its professional development for application in communication center training programs. In Study 1, a survey methodology evaluated the initially proposed VOC scale. An exploratory factor analysis was applied to identify a reliable 8-item single-factor solution and was also compared with other known self-reported communication trait variables to examine the scale’s potential convergent validity. In Study 2, a confirmatory factor analysis was applied using a survey methodology to validate the VOC scale further. Following a set of model modifications, a reliable single-factor 6-item scale was identified and proposed for use in communication training and development applications. The successful confirmation of a valid and reliable scale aims to provide a stable measure that can be utilized to help predict an individual’s willingness to invest time and energy in communication training and development.


value of communication, communication skills, measurement, communication centers, training and development.

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