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The Value of Communication Centers in Professional Organizations: An Autoethnographic Review of a Communication Center Coach Working at NASA

Victoria McDermott


Campus resource centers have been a staple on college campuses, providing additional assistance and tutoring to students for decades. However, no research found has explored how campus resource centers may partner with outside professional organizations or be started in professional organizations to provide additional employee support and professional development. While human resource departments may provide onboarding assistance, this may not be enough to fully support a person's entrance into an organization, and oftentimes little ongoing professional development and support services are provided following the onboarding process. Through the autoethnographic reflection of a former Communication Center (CCs) tutor and director, and current graduate oral communication fellow working in a professional organization, I argue that CCs partnering with professional organizations can provide benefits such as working to remove value judgments from language, acting as translators and training developers, and building the value of communication in professional organizations. I close with avenues for future research to continue to explore the potential role of CCs in professional organizations.


partnering with organizations, STEM, equity and inclusion

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