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Leading with Awareness in the Work of Inclusivity: A Case Study

Mercy Faleyimu


It is encouraging to see the increasing momentum of diversity, equity, and inclusion work across university campuses in the United States. Commitment to resource equality and inclusion is however a cyclical labor that must continue to evolve in response to evolving needs of people. Communication centers are spaces that are fundamentally built on the ethos of support and growth, inclusivity must therefore be at the center of administration and practice.  

This case study explores how awareness as well as awareness training contributes to the important work of combatting marginalization within communication centers. To achieve this, the essay examines the distinct characteristics of awareness as it relates to inclusivity through a review of literature. This helps to clarify what awareness is and what it is not. The paper subsequently examines a case study on data regarding the approach of XY university communication center to awareness of marginalization. The paper also addresses the successes of this approach and interrogates necessary improvements. The aim is to contribute to the important conversations of inclusivity and equity in communication center work. 





Communication Centers; Awareness; Diversity and Inclusivity; Training and Development

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