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Charting Peer Tutor Success and Developing Consultant Self-Efficacy Through Concept Mapping

M. Kayt Stewart


Psychologist Albert Bandura defines self-efficacy as the belief in an individual’s ability to perform difficult objectives (Bandura, 1977). He states there are four major schemas involved to strengthen a student’s belief in self-efficacy: 1) performance accomplishments, 2) vicarious experiences, 3) verbal persuasion, and 4) emotional arousal. Attending to these four components when training consultants is essential in developing their belief in their self-efficacy, and thus their impactfulness on the students they consult. This paper explains how directors and mentors can apply a concept-mapping method in training that uses these four components to help communication consultants increase their self-efficacy.


Communication Center, Speaking Center, Self-Efficacy

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