Found Sounds: UNCG Musicology Journal

Fennell's Vision: the 'Wind Ensemble' Concept

Thomas Breeden



This paper will explore the influence and legacy of Frederick Fennell and his vision of the wind ensemble concept. It seeks to illuminate the contributions of this landmark figure in the history of ensembles of wind instruments in regards to instrumentation, repertoire, nomenclature, and popularity.

The paper will begin with an exploration of the history of the wind band from early Middle Ages itinerant groups to the professional bands directed by the likes of Patrick Gilmore and John Philip Sousa, and finally to the conception and creation of the Eastman Wind Ensemble. It will include Fennell’s own thoughts and writings on the wind ensemble and reference the compositions commissioned and the recordings produced by Fennell and the Eastman Wind Ensemble. Lastly, it will conclude with a summation of Fennell’s influence and legacy through his ideas, writings, recordings, conducting, and advocacy of the wind ensemble concept.


Fennell; wind ensemble


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