Found Sounds: UNCG Musicology Journal

Nobuo Uematsu: The Man behind the Music of Final Fantasy

Mario Castillo


Nobuo Uematsu is the original composer of the music and game sound in the Final Fantasy series. Known to be one of the most famous composers within this industry, his direction of sound in games has branched out vigorously in many directions since the first game of the series. Uematsu heavily influenced the direction of game sound history through his innovative works that make video game music stand up to par with even classical music, and through analysis, one may even find characteristics of classical composition styles in his works. His milestones were the very product of his own work, and left a big set of footprints for everyone else to follow within the game industry. Uematsu’s compositions in game sound were so impactful to his audience that to this day, decades later, people still talk about the immense feeling of nostalgia from those sounds.


Final Fantasy; Videogame music; Japan


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