The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Does This Feel Empowering? Using Métissage to Explore the Effects of Critical Pedagogy

Rebecca D. Cox, Meaghan Dougherty, Sue Lang Hampton, Christina Neigel, Kim Nickel


The extent to which critical pedagogy disrupts the relations of dominance inside postsecondary classrooms, or empowers students to take socially just action beyond the classroom has been debated and challenged for decades. Through the use of métissage, an interpretive inquiry method that affords collaborative interrogation of individual autoethnographic writings, we five participants in the same critical pedagogy course conducted a post-course inquiry project in order to explore what we had learned through the course.  Through this inquiry project, we have come to a deeper understanding of critical pedagogy praxis.  Ultimately, what we learned through the use of this inquiry method maintains important implications for postsecondary educators.


critical pedagogy; postsecondary teaching; transformative learning

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