The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Intergroup Dialogue in a High School Classroom

jared m. halter, Ellen Hampshire, Ashley Sutton, D. Matthew Boyer, LaGarrett J. King


In this paper, we share our work using Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) for increasing group understanding, building relationships across difference, and enhancing understanding of social inequities. IGD is an emerging area of research in K–12 settings and with adolescents. Taking this into consideration, we used this well-developed critical pedagogy in higher education–related settings to design a qualitative case study that explored its use in a high school classroom. We worked with ninth- and tenth-grade students in their sociology class to examine how IGD affected their understanding of gender and society. We found evidence that IGD enhances empathy across different lived experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Furthermore, findings show IGD’s impact on improving intergroup understanding and relationships.


intergroup dialogue; high school education; social justice education; critical pedagogy; gender

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