The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Epistemologies of Ignorance With/in Curriculum Studies: The Politics of Not Knowing and Black Lives Mattering

Erik L. Malweski, Nathalia E. Jaramillo


The notion of epistemologies of ignorance is a fruitful site at
which to probe issues of ignorance and knowledge in relation to
the production of both, particularly how blindness becomes the
necessary organizer for the insights we make and the interplay of dominant and subjugated discourses jockeying for recognition. (Malewski & Jaramillo, 2011, pg 3).

“Epistemologies of ignorance the ‘subject’ -woman, man, child, teacher, student-not as objects of knowledge production, but as sensuous beings who affectively live out the contradictions embedded within ignorance” (Malewski & Jaramillo, 2011, pg. 5).

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