The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

A Pedagogy of Radical Love: Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Foundations

Joy L Kennedy, Thomas Grinter


In this article, we will bring biblical, theological, and philosophical perspectives on radical love into creative dialogue with critical pedagogy.  The biblical narratives of the book of Ruth and the Parable of the "Good" Samaritan contain paradigms for a radical kind of love that seeks the liberation and well-being of others.  These insights on love carry epistemological and methodological implications for critical pedagogy.  Such implications can be identified by placing these insights about love in conversation with Paulo Feire's "pedagogy of love," as discussed by Antonia Darder.  Also, bell hooks' cultural critiques and emphasis on engaged pedagogy can illumine other implications that relate to cultural experiences.  The ultimate goal is to illustrate how love, rooted in biblical and philosophical foundations, motivates cross-cultural and interfaith engagement, and encourages emancipatory action.


radical love; critical pedagogy; Christian teachers; black feminism/womanism;

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