The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Radical Love: Love all, Serve all

Sarah E. Colonna, Dara Nix-Stevenson



A quick scan of any major news outlet will show America's unending fascination with crisis.  We are engulfed in information about these events, yet we continue with our lives as usual.  If the problem is a patriarchal system, as Johnson (2004) suggests, that is interested in maintaining a status quo of existing understandings of social and power relationships, then the solution we suggest is one of radical love to love all and serve all.   The love we speak of is more than an individual or even familial feeling.  This idea of radical love is love over force, fear, and apathy.   This love should not be conflated with altruistic generosity since the intention behind this action is motivated by sincerity.  Radical love has the potential to happen individual-to-individual, individual to group, as well as between groups and institutions.  It looks like simple acts of kindness, balanced policy making, and honest concern for all of those around us.   This radical love is the power for change.


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