The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Reaching the Margins: Critical Feminist Practices in Nonformal Education for Street Children

Diane Rodriguez-Kiino


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the value of merging feminist and critical theory to undergird effective nonformal education practices for street children. Worldwide, street and working children deserve the chance, but lack the educational resources, to become critically conscious and productive citizens.  The article examines nonformal education, defined as an alternative to traditional schooling, in which students learn vocational trades or academic subjects, aimed at enhancing their lives.  Further, the paper intersects and applies feminist and critical epistemologies for marginalized youth. Vis-à-vis critical feminist practices, nonformal education programs globally can reach the widest possible sector and facilitate the growth and development of the most vulnerable populations.


Nonformal education; street children; feminism; critical pedagogy

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