The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Paulo Freire: The Man from Recife: A Review

Lois McFadyen Christensen


Paulo Freire: The Man from Recife, by James D. Kirylo (2011) is an in-depth biographical illustration of Freire’s life from birth through disseminating his lasting his legacy. Included in the remarkable text are Freire’s challenges with people of poverty in Brazil, Chile, and Guinea- Bissau, Africa. As was Freire’s custom to interact among people in each context perpetuating the practice of reading the world, geographically particular worlds (Freire, 1998), in an unpretentious yet persuasively strong way, Kirylo captures the slices of life from each chapter of his life. Particularly salient is the innovative chapter in which Kirylo includes quotes from a myriad of noted critical scholars who were influenced personally by Freire. Uncannily, Kirylo perfectly places Freire’s quotes to adroitly accent the biography to making it somewhat autobiographical. Critical pedagogues and Freirians, put this text on your must read list.


Freire, critical pedagogy, freedom, justice, equity

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