The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

“Deep Interdisciplinarity†as Pedagogy: Teaching at the Intersections of Urban Communication and Public Place and Spaceâ€

erin daina mcclellan, Amanda G Johnson


While past interdisciplinary scholarship has proven useful in the development of pedagogy as an epistemological, ontological, and axiological endeavor, we contend Penny’s (2009) “deep interdisciplinarity” moves such development in important critically-reflective directions. In co-teaching a class on urban public place/space, we embraced an urban communication focus to explore the classroom and in the city in which we taught. This unique collaborative teaching experience allowed our focus on urban communication to be utilized in a way that translated disciplinary silos of understanding into learning environments situated on the “bridges” between them. We conclude that urban communication can potentially serve as a frame capable of inspiring various versions of deep interdisciplinarity across infinite partnerships found in teaching and learning environments.


Interdisciplinary Pedagogy; Urban Communication; Public Place and Space; Urban Planning and Design; Deep Interdisciplinarity

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