International Journal of Nurse Practitioner Educators

How to Harness the Power of the Possible – Mobile Point of Care Information

Kimberley Lamarche, Sarah Nicol


Mobile technology and hand-held communication devices are now a significant part of life for many Canadians. The data is clear; nurses and nursing students have access to appropriate technology like never before. The profession is harnessing the power of technology to access and improve care and knowledge. 

A recent study by Doran et al (2010) added to the knowledge base found that “It is feasible to provide nurses with access to evidence –based practice resources via mobile information technologies to reduce the barriers to research utilization”.   The question is where to start? This article is aimed at assisting the novice mobile user, or the expert social network user to harness the possible power of the technology to improve patient care at the point of care.   Concrete examples of applications will be provided to illustrate what is possible, acknowledging that new applications and platforms are emerging daily. Specific attention is provided to student centered applications as well as primary health care applications for practice based nursing professionals, focusing on advanced practice.

The concept of harnessing the power of point of care information is not only exciting, but essential in this digital age. It is urgent that we understand how to adopt the use of these devices and to understand the barriers that we face. The power of what is possible with mobile technologies can be staggering; however taking the first step can be far less daunting. 



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