International Journal of Nurse Practitioner Educators

Comparing Student Satisfaction with Two Types of Reusable Learning Objects in an Online Course Nurse Practitioner Course

Robert Gordon Hanks, Eileen Giardino


The use of reusable learning objects in online nursing education is not new, but few studies have compared different types of learning objects. This study is a comparison of two types of learning objects in sample of nurse practitioner students to help illuminate the more effective type from the student perspective. Data were collected using an online standardized survey for evaluating learning objects. Statistical differences between the students' satisfaction rating with the two types of learning objects were minimal. Informative information resided in the narrative responses for each type of learning object. Student responses reflected that the interactive learning objects were helpful in learning the content, but familiarity with the delivery method and technical issues were barriers, particularly for the interactive learning objects. The findings provide essential baseline information for further study in the most effective learning object type for online education.


online education; learning objects; nurse practitioner education

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