International Journal of Nurse Practitioner Educators

Evaluating Psych/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Student Perceptions and Satisfaction with Simulated Patient Scenarios

Robert Gordon Hanks, Linda Stafford, Elda Ramirez


Simulation in health professional education is not new, particularly the use of standardized patients (SP). SPs are seen as an effective teaching strategy and as a method of protecting actual patients from harm. However, the use of SPs in graduate level psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) curricula has not been studied in depth, including the use of a standardized instrument specifically developed for simulation to measure student satisfaction and confidence with simulation. The aim of this pilot study was to explore the student perceptions, satisfaction, and confidence in the simulated learning environment using SPs with a sample of PMHNP students. The hypothesis of  using simulated scenarios using SPs resulting in high student satisfaction and confidence ratings as measured by the standardized instrument were supported in this pilot study. Narrative comments reflect a positive impact on learning in a non-threatening learning environment.


rating scale; simulation; psych/mental health nurse practitioner education; standardized patient

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