International Journal of Nurse Practitioner Educators

You Don't Know Where You're Going Until You Get There: An Expository Narrative of Novice Nurse Practitioner Educators

Kimberley Lamarche, Bev Justin Muldoon, Lynn Miller


Nurse Practitioner (NP) education in Canada is evolving rapidly as the role gains a foothold in the fabric of health care.  Expectations for existing NP faculty to be clinicians, teachers and researchers, as well as the increasing demand for NP graduates have created challenges and opportunities for inventive ways to expand the cadre of available NP teachers.  The experiences of a group of Master of Nursing (Advanced Nursing Practice) graduates provide an innovative approach to filling this need.  This narrative expository inquiry focuses on the student-to-teacher transition experiences of this group of NP sessional instructors as they transitioned from the student to teacher role in facilitating online NP courses. Their journey evolved into a unique extension of the student role; not only did the participants survive their student days and the transition from registered nurse to nurse practitioner, but they also made the shift to instructor and partnered as novice researchers shortly thereafter. Themes arising from the narratives reveal implications for NP distance education programs and future NPs who aspire to make the jump from NP student to graduate instructor.

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