Entrelib: The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians

Proceedings of the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians

The Proceedings of the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians had begin publication with five papers based on publications at the fourth Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians, held in October, 2014.


Building on the success of previous conferences, the fourth  conference explored how librarians exhibit entrepreneurship by taking risks and implementing change. The conference goal was twofold: to inspire entrepreneurial action among librarians and to create a community among those who do.


Our first three conferences were held in June, 2009; March, 2011; and April, 2013. This conference will provide a forum to share and celebrate the entrepreneurial accomplishments of librarians and information professionals to inspire each other to innovate and promote change, and to create a community to promote entrepreneurial practices.


Read more about the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians at http://entrelib.org/.

Take Risks, Embrace Change: Proceedings of the Fourth Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians

Take Risks, Embrace Change: The 2014 Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians was held October 17, 2014, on the campus of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The online conference program with links to presentations may be viewed here.

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Amanda Binder, Lareese Hall
Lauren Reiter
Jenna Rinalducci
Corey Seeman
Marcy Simons

Conference Program