Journal of Appreciative Education




The editors invite submissions to the Journal of Appreciative Education (JAE).

JAE is an open-access e-journal committed to promoting educational theories, practices and collaborations from an appreciative, strength-based perspective. We define appreciative education as educational theories, innovative practices, and thoughtful reflections that challenge deficit-based thinking in teaching and learning across all levels of education.

JAE welcomes submissions from a wide range of perspectives in various educational fields in the following sections:

Research Paper Section: includes full-length articles of 1) empirical research studies using quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approaches, or 2) literature-based articles advancing theories and scholarships in appreciative education. Full-length articles for Research Section should be 5,000 - 8,000 words in length including references, appendices, tables and figures. An abstract of 80-120 words should be included.

Innovative Practice Section: includes short praxis articles that 1) detail innovative and effective ideas for improving practice through appreciative education, or 2) describe educational program or courses highlighting appreciative perspective in education. Short articles for Innovative Practice Section should be 800 -1,500 words in length.

Forum Section: includes short articles that promote the dialogues of current wedge issues in teaching and learning from an appreciative perspective and the reflections on processes of research and practices in appreciative education. Short articles for Innovative Forum Section should be 800 -1,500 words in length.

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