Journal of Appreciative Education

Establishing a Faculty-Driven, College-Wide Appreciative Education Committee

Meenakshi Beri, Dulce de Castro, Diana L. Hopes


This article details the mission, vision, goals, and processes of establishing a college-wide Appreciative Education committee at a community college experiencing rapid growth and change. The drive stemmed from a need to unify the plethora of Appreciative Education initiatives being supported by the college along with the need to support faculty in the implementation of these strategies and techniques. It was imperative that the faculty initiating this committee work in unison with staff and administrators to link these meaningful activities to build an institutional culture of Appreciative Education that supports student success. Even though faculty have numerous opportunities to engage in various committees, establishing a grassroots Appreciative Education committee that was inclusive of all stakeholders and the various initiatives already in place required a strategic plan, holistic engagement, and positive relationships.


Committee, Faculty, Multi-Campus Community College, Appreciative Education Framework,

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ISSN: 2165-5421