Journal of Appreciative Education

Caring Through The Screen: Advising Techniques for Success in the Virtual World

Benjamin M. Forche, Tyler S. Hall, Leticia Juanita Wilson


The world was catapulted into an online environment when COVID-19 changed our lives in 2020, and higher education was no exception. Through Appreciative Advising and the Appreciative Mindset, academic advisors can promote positive change in student success, retention, and personal well-being in this new and ever-changing digital landscape. In this article, three advising professionals across Canada and the United States examine the ways in which an Appreciative Mindset can deepen connections and provide support to students, even in a virtual environment. From advising session preparation, to intentional follow-up with students, Appreciative Advising is not only a methodology, but also a lens in which to see advising work. This article seeks to provide tools and strategies to advising professionals in this virtual world to connect with students, to create a welcoming and safe space, and to show care and support through the screen.


appreciative advising; COVID-19; appreciative mindset; virtual advising; advising strategies

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ISSN: 2165-5421