Journal of Appreciative Education

The Interconnectivity of Trust and Appreciative Advising

Tyler Hall, Roberta Rea


Academic advisors can harness the interconnectivity of trust-building frameworks and Appreciative Advising to build relationships with students. This article proposes the integration of two trust-building frameworks within the Appreciative Advising Theory-to-Practice Framework (Bloom et al., 2008). Utilizing findings and insights from Frei and Morriss’ (2020) research on trust, the authors discuss ways that authenticity, logic, and empathy support the practice of Appreciative Advising. Exploring research from Brown (2019), the article reviews the roles of boundaries, reliability, accountability, the vault, integrity, non-judgment, and generosity in each of the six phases of Appreciative Advising. A matrix displays the intersections of trust-building actions and the Appreciative Advising phases, and the article presents examples of the impact of trust in an advising context.


Appreciative Advising; trust; academic advisors

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ISSN: 2165-5421