Journal of Appreciative Education

Mama's Dream Bakery

D'Amour Edwards


The purpose of this children’s book is to introduce the Appreciative Education framework to readers from a child’s point of view. Walking readers through the framework via the curiosity of Jason, a six-year-old who loves to ask questions, each phase of the framework is touched upon.

When Jason’s mother came home and seemed to be unhappy, Jason wanted to know why. Unbeknownst to him but through the open-ended questions he asks his mother, he follows the Appreciative Education framework to find out why. Through his questions, Jason is able to make his mother smile, find out why she is sad, make her ponder and plan, and in the end be there for her new developments.



Appreciative Education; Appreciative Advising; questions; children's book

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ISSN: 2165-5421