Journal of Appreciative Education

Mentoring New Faculty: An Appreciative Approach

Peter C Mather, Dianne M Gut-Zippert, Dwan Robinson, Beth J VanDerveer, Oumarou Abdoulaye Balarabe


During this period of dramatic social and institutional change in higher education, positive induction and ongoing support for early-career and faculty members new to the campus community is essential. Disparities remain in the recruitment, development, retention, and promotion of diverse faculty, in large part because of the lack of mentoring. The purpose of this article is to enhance approaches for supporting early-career and otherwise new faculty members. Based upon the principles and processes of Appreciative Inquiry, the Appreciative Mentoring Model is presented. Each of the Appreciative Inquiry “D-phases” is described in detail together with research-based best practices that can be employed in mentoring. Prompts, questions, and specific examples designed to support the growing need for a more collaborative, fluid, dynamic, and transformative approach to mentoring are provided. 


Appreciative Education; Appreciative Inquiry; higher education; mentoring program; early career faculty

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ISSN: 2165-5421